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Woodland Oranges

Lakkidi, Wayanad, Kunnathidavaka, Kerala, India

Per day

INR 1200.00

Property Description

Woodland Paradise with a Swimming Oasis -
Immerse yourself in Nature & Relaxation

This resort is situated in the deep woods and you will get to experience the most naturistic feelings. There is a stream flowing by the side of the resorts and deep forest beyond that. You can get your feet wet in the most purest of the waters and enjoy having a walk around the property.

Its suitable for Family, Couples and Single persons.

Family/Couple Rooms-

Its a separate cottage for each couple/ family. Each cottage accomodates 2 people. The room is spacious and the balcony faces into the forest with the sound of flowing stream through the backside of your cottage

Children will be provided with extra beds. For age above 8, the extra beds will be charged extra while below 8yrs will be complementary.

Bachelors rooms-

Bachelor rooms accomodate 4 persons and the rates are calculated per person.

  1. Common Pool - Its common to all members staying at the resort and separate timings will be given and the pool timings are monitored. Pool will remain closed at night and will be made available in the morning.

Its will be in your best interest to carry extra clothes like jackets, blankets etc, to keep yourself warm if you are not accustomed to the cold weather of Wayanad. The temparatures range from 22-30 degrees at times.

Contact us if you are interested. We will help you get the bookings.

Contact Agent

Staff - Philip

Property Details

Property Type

Resort - Cottages


Family & Bachelors




Restaurant, WIFI, Swimming Pool






Property Location

Lakkidi, Wayanad, Kunnathidavaka, Kerala, India

Small Running Title

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